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My name is Paolo Sperduti, stage name “Otto il Bassotto”.
I  am an entertainer, a Street Performer, an Italian Saltimbanco.

I come from a small village in southern Italy, known (but not really a lot…) as the Land of Balloons.
There, among hills and vineyards, the “Rocca” Family since 1902 produces balloons on the most varied forms, colors and dimensions, using just pure liquid latex, just as it had been gathered from the trees.
In my land, hundreds of families work in balloon production or with Balloon Art techniques… me too!
I started In 2002, for fun and to find a way to pay my University studies.
Ballons twisting and decorating elements (also very big sets!) were my favourites.
I also experienced balloons in comedy magic, improvisation and clownerie.

Busking with balloon-art was very exciting and i was projecting a real Balloon Show.
In 2010 I created  “Palloncinerie”, a performance that was a mix of clown acts, magic tricks and stand up comedy. I was so exited!
I needed to try and try again so I started to travel all around Italy and than around the Word.
Cile was my first country. What a great experience! Cile’s audience gave me an extreme feedback. They was exilarated, I was really surprised and “Palloncinerie” was greatly appreciated also from the directors. 
During this trip, spontaneously (I did not speak Spanish…) “Palloncinerie” turn out in a mute show.
It meant international possibilities! Wow
In 2015 a big wish to renew convinced me to work on the Show again, so I restyled “Palloncinerie” into “Rubber Head” with the fantastic Director “Domenico Lannutti”.

Until today (20 October 2021) I presented my show officially in Street Art Festivals, Theater Festivals and other entertainment events in 34 countries:
Argentine, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Emirates, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Kuwait, Latvia, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Oman, Russian Federation, San Marino, Scotland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom.


It won 8 International Awards:

  1. “Jury Award” in Koblenz GauklerFestung 2019
  2. “Jury Award” in Dottingen WinzerFest 2019
  3. “Pave’ d’Or” in 25th “Festival des Artistes de Rue” in Vevey (Ch), 2017 (First award in Special Edition: the winners of last 25 years)
  4. “Jury Preis” in “Hein Mück Straßenkunst Festival” in Bremerhaven (De), 2016
  5. “Joint Winner of Audience vote” at “Hat Fair” festival di Winchester (UK), 2015
  6. “Public Award” at “Festival des Artistes de Rue” in Vevey (Ch), 2012
  7. “Glops Award” at “Festival des Artistes de Rue” in Vevey (Ch), 2012
  8. “First Award” in the Street Art Competition “Carichi in Strada” in Padova, 2012.

The Show

Italian Spanish French

“Rubber Head”
Otto il Bassotto Show

He is the Master of Balloons in crazy magic, improvisation and classic clown acts.
With a rubber face and a brain that bounces, he presents incredible balloon tricks and hilarious comedy, crossing the bounds of possibility into pure imagination.
Enchanting for children and families of all cultures!”


Kind: Clown acts, comedy magic tricks, giant balloons, improvisation.

Audience: from 3 years old

Length of performance: up to 50 minutes.
Shows in a day: up 3 shows
Members: 1 (one man show)
Performing area size:
minimum size area of 3×3 metres
minimum eights of 4 metres
Time for load in: 5 minutes
Time for load off: 10 minutes


Italian Spanish French

My last show in China

Promotional video “Otto il Bassotto Show”, shot in Dubai and Al Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) in december of 2013. Video by Luca Rigon | Music by Tiburon Martillo

Short promo: “Bring Otto il Bassotto in Your Town!”. Video by Luca Rigon

Otto’s show in Ansan, South Korea (2016)

Promotional video of Otto il Bassotto’s show, shot in 2012.